• Alternative:女装少年アンソロジーコミック ; Cross-dressing Boys Anthology Comic ; Josou Shounen Anthologies
  • Author:Anthology See Summary
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Comedy, Gender bender, Romance, School life, Shounen ai

Josou Shounen Anthology Comic

From Hachimitsu Scans:One-shot manga anthologies featuring traps called Josou Shounen (Cross-dressing Boys) since July 2010. There have been 15 volumes published to date. Each volume carries a subtitle. They are:1. White Group (Shiro-gumi)2. Peach Group (Momo-gumi)3. Princess Group (Hime-gumi)4. Blue Group (Ao-gumi)5. Red Group (Aka-gumi)6. Cherry Blossom Group (Sakura-gumi)7. Plum Group (Sumomo-gumi)8. Melon Group (Melon-gumi)9. Apple Group (Ringo-gumi)10. Satsuma Group (Mikan-gumi)11. Grape Group (Budou-gumi)12. Banana Group (Banana-gumi)13. Plum Group (Plum-gumi)14. Watermelon Group (Suika-gumi)15. Ribbon Group (Ribon-gumi)
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