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Alternative: The Stepmother Likes Harems / 계모는 하렘을 좋아해
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Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Manhwa, One shot, Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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Read manhwa The Stepmother Likes Harems / 계모는 하렘을 좋아해 “Charlhein is my true love.” “Isn’t Charlhein your adopted daughter?” “We did that to protect her from attacks within the house. It was a helpless situation. She’ll become the lady of this house when Father passes away. Everyone in the Barony already knows.” “Then, what about me?” Eliana, the eldest daughter of a poor noble family, accepted a marriage proposal from Baron Carmen in order to take care of her siblings and the household. However, as soon as she got married, she heard news that came out of nowhere. Additionally, because of Charlhein’s scheming, people started calling Eliana by the disgraceful title of “stepmother.” She couldn’t let it go, so she decided to use her stepmother image to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Her goal is to be the queen of the harem. It’s not about her sweet love—it’s a warlike shortcut to power. Alongside this dangerous harem-building, will she be able to exact revenge and find true love?

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