The Forced Marriage

The Forced Marriage Manga

Alternative: 迫嫁新娘
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Author(s): Chen Guoji
Genre: Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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Su Xiaobai is a college student nearing graduation and is interning at a luxury five-star hotel. One day at work, she accidentally bumped into a ""guest"" who was taking a bath - the president of the hotel's group - Long Tianyang! In the midst of chaos, Long Tianyang finds the birthmark on Su Xiaobai's shoulder and remembers the little girl who saved his life in his childhood, who he had been trying to look for his whole life. The innocent and silly Su Xiaobai thus hooked up with the bossy president Long Tianyang! But all this was observed by the bully who liked Long Tianyang, Zhang FeiYue. The disgruntled Zhang FeiYue regarded Su Xiaobai as a thorn in her eyes, and from then on Su Xiaobai's humble life was turned upside down...

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