Karen Ichijou Tempts Him

Karen Ichijou Tempts Him Manga

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Author(s): Fujitani Yoko
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Comedy,
Status: Completed
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Karen Ichijou Tempts Him Content

"At 17 years old, we’ll have our first…” Karen is head over heels in love with her childhood friend, the brusque and fierce-looking Mii-kun. Day after day, she makes amorous advances toward him in hopes of making him her future husband. But when it’s just the two of them, she can’t help but feel a little nervous…? She’s a headstrong queen in front of everyone else, but when faced with the boy she likes, she can’t help but turn back into a blushing schoolgirl?! A youthful love comedy that will make your heart pound! ♪