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Alternative: 폐월화 : 야수의 꽃 1화
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Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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Read manhwa Flower Of The Beast / 폐월화 : 야수의 꽃 1화 A very rare flower named Pyewolhwa (Crescent Moon) is located where many people can’t reach it. A flower so beautiful that even the moon hides from it. Lee Gyeom, a man called the Grim Reaper, duties himself to protect the flowers. Unexpectedly however, during a fateful night, an intruder went into the old house as if he were drunk. Though once someone breaks The Pyewolhwa, they have to face a terrible punishment. “In exchange for letting you go, I shall take your daughter. Until then, you owe me more than you can suffice