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Alternative: 흑룡의 연인,Kekasih Naga Hitam,甜心总裁娇妻控
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Author(s): Kidari Studio July Archive
Genre: Drama , Romance , Webtoons,
Status: Ongoing
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Three siblings from the Black Dragon family, the most famous and the most feared TRIAD in Shanghai fell in love with three Koreans. The first son, Ju Hwamyeong, a calm man, mysterious and cruel, fall in love with an art gallery employee. The second son, Ju Amyeong, always show off his power and wealth to others, is fascinated by the kindness of a music academy student. Meanwhile, the third daughter, Ju Somyeong, a woman who likes to spent all of her money and spree over, fall in love with her own bodyguard. Will their love story run smoothly?

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