Completed Manga

Brawling Go

Genre: Comedy; Romance; Supernatural; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 70,500,000 views
Author: Worin

Chapter 153 3 days ago
Chapter 152 3 days ago

Sweet Guy

Genre: Comedy; Harem; Mature; Romance; Supernatural; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 66,000,000 views
Author: Park Hyeong-Jun Lee Won-Sik

Chapter 74 3 days ago
Chapter 73 3 days ago


Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Historical; Martial arts; Shounen; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 58,400,000 views
Author: Ryu Ki-Woon Moon Jung-Hoo

Chapter 233 2 days ago
Chapter 232 2 days ago

Love Parameter

Genre: Drama; Harem; Mature; Romance; School life; Seinen; Smut; Supernatural; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 54,100,000 views
Author: Kkun Insane

Chapter 112 2 days ago
Chapter 111 2 days ago


Genre: Drama; Harem; Mature; Romance; Seinen; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 43,000,000 views
Author: Turtle Feet

Chapter 93 3 days ago
Chapter 92 3 days ago

Tales of Demons and Gods

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Romance; Shounen; Martial Arts; Adventure
View: 35,881,715 views
Author: Mad Snail

Chapter 430.6 3 days ago
Chapter 430.1 3 days ago

Solo Leveling

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Shounen; Adventure
View: 30,051,676 views
Author: Jang Sung-Lak

Chapter 199 May 24, 11:05
Chapter 198 May 17, 10:35

Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu

Genre: Comedy; Martial arts; Romance; School life; Seinen; Sports
View: 27,500,000 views
Author: Mizuguchi Naoki

Chapter 124.5 3 days ago
Chapter 124 3 days ago

Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School life; Seinen
View: 25,800,000 views
Author: Yukimori Nene

Chapter 145.6 yesterday, 04:42
Chapter 145.5 yesterday, 04:42

This Doesn't Feel Like Me

Genre: Drama; Harem; Romance; Manhwa
View: 23,600,000 views
Author: Andromeda 11

Chapter 51 3 days ago
Chapter 50 3 days ago


Genre: Action; Martial arts; Mature; Shounen; Sports
View: 21,900,000 views
Author: Itagaki Keisuke

Chapter 277 3 days ago
Chapter 276 3 days ago

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; School life; Shounen; Supernatural
View: 18,800,000 views
Author: Amano Akira

Chapter 409 3 days ago
Chapter 408 3 days ago

One Piece

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Manga; Shounen; Drama; Comedy; Mystery; Martial Arts; Adventure
View: 17,402,584 views
Author: Oda Eiichiro

Chapter 1084 3 days ago
Chapter 1083 3 days ago


Genre: Mature; Romance; Seinen; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 15,800,000 views
Author: Byeongsu

Chapter 54 3 days ago
Chapter 53 3 days ago

Ao Haru Ride

Genre: Action; Comedy; Cooking; Drama; Romance; School life; Shoujo; Slice of life
View: 15,300,000 views
Author: Sakisaka Io

Chapter 49.8 2 days ago
Chapter 49.7 2 days ago

Ishuzoku Reviewers

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy
View: 12,900,000 views
Author: Amahara

Chapter 60 3 days ago
Chapter 59 3 days ago

Blood Bank

Genre: Action; Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Webtoons; Yaoi; Manhwa
View: 12,100,000 views
Author: Silb

Chapter 61 3 days ago
Chapter 60 3 days ago

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Genre: Action; Comedy; Doujinshi; School life; Sci fi; Shounen; Supernatural
View: 11,900,000 views
Author: Matsui Yuusei

Chapter 184 2 days ago
Chapter 183 2 days ago

Daiya No A

Genre: Comedy; School life; Shounen; Sports
View: 11,100,000 views
Author: Terajima Yuuji

Chapter 412.5 yesterday, 21:49
Chapter 412.4 yesterday, 21:49

Boku no Hero Academia

Genre: Shounen; Supernatural
View: 10,800,223 views
Author: HORIKOSHI Kouhei

Chapter 389 2 days ago
Chapter 388 2 days ago

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Genre: Fantasy; Romance; Drama; Historical
View: 10,722,887 views
Author: Gotouge Koyoharu

Chapter 206 3 days ago
Chapter 205.7 3 days ago

Tower of God

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Romance; Shounen; Drama; Mystery; Manhwa
View: 10,692,596 views
Author: Slave In Utero

Chapter 573 24 hours ago
Chapter 572 May 21, 12:35

At The End Of The Road

Genre: Mystery; School life; Shounen ai; Supernatural; Webtoons
View: 10,400,000 views
Author: Haribo

Chapter 63.5 2 days ago
Chapter 63 2 days ago

Battle Through The Heavens

Genre: Action; Romance; Shounen; Supernatural; Comedy; Adventure
View: 10,046,452 views
Author: Ť�蚕土豆任翔

Chapter 405 24 hours ago
Chapter 404 May 22, 12:05

Rosario To Vampire Season Ii

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Mystery; Romance; School life; Shounen
View: 9,900,000 views
Author: Ikeda Akihisa

Chapter 67 3 days ago
Chapter 66.6 3 days ago

Drug Candy

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Mature; Romance; Seinen; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 9,700,000 views
Author: Lee Hyun-Min

Chapter 45 3 days ago
Chapter 44 3 days ago

The Gamer

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Shounen; School Life; Supernatural; Manhwa
View: 9,348,648 views
Author: Sang Ah

Chapter 465 2 days ago
Chapter 464 2 days ago

A Tycoon’S Grandiose Wedding

View: 9,300,000 views
Author: Big Bear Company Wen Xiaoyao You Lu Wen Hua

Chapter 169 2 days ago
Chapter 168 2 days ago

Black Clover

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Shounen
View: 9,230,404 views
Author: Tabata Yuuki

Chapter 360 yesterday, 06:34
Chapter 359 yesterday, 06:34

Skill Of Lure

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School life; Slice of life; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 9,000,000 views
Author: Woo Sang-Ho

Chapter 36 3 days ago
Chapter 35 3 days ago

Black Bird

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Cooking; Drama; Fantasy; Mystery; Romance; School life; Shoujo; Smut;...
View: 8,900,000 views
Author: Sakurakouji Kanoko

Chapter 72.7 yesterday, 22:46
Chapter 72.6 yesterday, 22:46

She Is Young

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Romance; Seinen; Supernatural; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 8,800,000 views
Author: Js Donggul Gom

Chapter 74 3 days ago
Chapter 73 3 days ago

Rosario To Vampire

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Cooking; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance; School life; Shounen
View: 8,700,000 views
Author: Ikeda Akihisa

Chapter 40.5 3 days ago
Chapter 40 3 days ago


Genre: Action; Manga; Historical
View: 8,027,017 views
Author: Hara Yasuhisa

Chapter 757 May 17, 15:05
Chapter 756 May 04, 09:35

Tokyo Manji Revengers

Genre: Action; Romance; Drama; Mystery
View: 8,025,101 views
Author: Sekine Koutarou

Chapter 278.8 Mar 26, 07:05
Chapter 278.7 Mar 26, 07:05

Eden No Ori

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Horror; Mystery; Psychological; Romance; Shounen; Tragedy
View: 6,800,000 views
Author: Yamada Yoshinobu

Chapter 185 3 days ago
Chapter 184 3 days ago

Honey, Don't Run Away

Genre: Drama; Josei; Romance; Tragedy
View: 6,200,000 views
Author: Dong Man She

Chapter 173 3 days ago
Chapter 172 3 days ago


Genre: Drama; Mature; Romance; School life; Shounen; Slice of life
View: 6,000,000 views
Author: Sasuga Kei

Chapter 156.5 3 days ago
Chapter 156 3 days ago

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Romance; Drama; Comedy; Slice of Life; Martial Arts; Adventure; Seinen
View: 5,855,661 views
Author: Kim Tae-hyung

Chapter 169 Mar 05, 00:08
Chapter 168 Mar 05, 00:08

The God of High School

Genre: Action; Shounen; Comedy; Martial Arts; Adventure
View: 5,842,228 views
Author: PARK Yong Je

Chapter 572 3 days ago
Chapter 571 Mar 05, 00:11

Film Emperor's Reincarnation Script

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Shounen; Shounen ai; Webtoons
View: 5,800,000 views
Author: Bing Mao Yuanyang Xin Yeyu

Chapter 150 yesterday, 22:59
Chapter 149 yesterday, 22:59

Hentai Elf To Majime Orc

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Mature; One shot
View: 5,600,000 views
Author: Yudokuya (Tomokichi)

Chapter 11 2 days ago
Chapter 10 2 days ago